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Release your worries and find balance with The Worry Man



John Roberts

I've been a CBT Therapist for children and families since 2001.  My work with children and families has led me from clinic based work to University based teaching both in the UK and internationally.  I am a published author in academic journals and books.  You can be confident that my expertise with working with anxious children and their families is evidenced based and compliant with NICE guidance in the UK.  I believe the basis for a successful outcome to working with worries and habits with children relies on a warm and compassionate approach.  Want to learn more?  Contact me today for an initial consultation.

Areas of Expertise


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Obssessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
Neuro-diverse Tics and Habits
Asperger's Symptoms
Panic Disorder
Social Anxiety
Body Dysmorphic Disorder

John specializes in direct work with children and young people who worry. Having a child that worries or obsesses about things can be distressing to both a child or their parents. Such problems eat up time and cause a young person to miss out on so much. Instead of having fun and being successful your child will spend their time worrying, making sure things are "alright" or perhaps finding ways to keep everybody safe from harm. Using a practical Cognitive and behavioral approach adjusted to the developmental context and needs of the young person, John offers a bespoke service for these problems.

Lasting 50-60 minutes in length, during the first session John will describe and explain your young person's problems in easy to understand language and map out with you choices for the next steps in their recovery. Subsequent sessions can also last 50-60 minutes in which John will partner you and your child at every step.

John is also very comfortable working with other common problems in child and adolescent mental health too. Panics, sad feelings, bad things that have happened, being scared of things, or being excessively 'shy", John has worked for 25 years in this field and is used to meeting problems in every size and shape. He will understand! There is no need to feel alone or ashamed. John wishes to help your young person to recovery as swiftly as possible.

Grown-ups need not feel left out either. John has plenty of experience in working with them too!

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